our divine connection with music

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Music is uniquely wonderful.

It is incapable of being touched, yet it touches everyone who is capable of hearing sounds.

Music is not only powerful in activating the Emotion System, but it activates Memory, Mode of control, Imagery, Sequencing, Special processing and Abstract thinking.

Music is the most powerful way to activate most of our brain.

The following facts about music will give you insight into the complexity of your own mind.

1) Your heartbeat mimics the beat of Music you are listening to. Patients with Mental illnesses have been calmed by the playing of soothing tunes.

2) National pride is heightened when foreigners hear songs from their country. Soldiers march better with band music.

3) Music is detectable and audible even in a woman's womb.

Heart rate of foetus becomes elevated when music is being played so that they can actually hear it and react to it.

Playing music to premature infants in neonatal intensive acre units show multiple positive behaviours and better caloric intake.

4) Studies show that students perform better in presence of classical background music and music also helps them distract their brain from registering body's fatigue.

5) Flowers and plants grow faster in presence of music and this has been proven scientifically.

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