How our diet governs our emotions

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Just like our moods have an impact on our diet, Conversely our diet also impacts out emotions and our state of mind.

The link between our Foods and Moods has been established by hundreds of scientific studies; many showing that poor and imbalanced diet result in Anxiety, Depression, Lethargy, Irritability and Cravings.

Scientific research suggests that the food we eat is as important to mental health as it is to physical health.

A healthy diet is PROTECTIVE and an unhealthy diet is a RISK FACTOR for emotional issues like Depression and anxiety.

Some of the common emotional disturbances due to the consumption of wrong diet are;


Research has shown that individuals who tend to consume a diet rich in refined foods, sugars, fried food and processed food are more likely to experience depression than individuals that consume a traditional diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. These contain more Vitamins, Minerals, Fibers and healthy Fats which promote emotional health.

ANXIETY; Wrong eating habits can cause anxiety and worsen your symptoms.

Eating very few calories or nutrients during a strict weight loss diet can increase your risk of food or weight related anxiety. Overeating can lead to similar problem especially if there's a weight gain.

To avoid these, try to include complex carbohydrates like whole grains and legumes which promote calmness.


Unhealthy eating affects brain functioning which causes reduced self esteem as a result of mood swings and confusion.

Poor body image could be due to excessive weight gain due to obesity.

Everything you eat, affects the way you think, affects the way you feel and literally affects the printout or the receipt that you get out of your body -----Shawn Stevenson.

Healthy eating is very crucial for brain health:

The three ways in which food impacts our mental health:

1) Food is important for brain development.

When we eat nourishing food, it becomes our enzymes, protein building blocks and brain tissues.

2) Puts the brain in growing mode

Diet rich in Omega 3s and zinc, boosts the level of brain protein which increases connection between brain cells.

3) Fills the gut with healthy bacteria.

These are good for brain. They reduce inflammation in the body and some bacteria also make brain powering vitamin B. Few nutrients helpful for preventing or treating emotional disorders are:

• B vitamins- Deficiency causes high rates of depression and forgetfulness.

• Folate- deficiency leads to low moods.

• Iron- too little iron in blood related to depression.

• Omega 3 acids- they improve thinking, memory and moods.

• Zinc- This helps to control body's response to stress. Low levels can contribute to depression.

• Fermented foods and curd- these increase the gut bacteria which help to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

• Chocolates- have antioxidants which elate our mood and memory.

Because WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, we can literally transform our bodies and mind by choosing an inspiring diet..!!


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