Our INNER HEALING TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM (IHTP) comprises all our all three treatment plans: namely the

Holistic Emotional Transformational Counselling (HETC)

Holistic homoeopathic Consultation (HHC)

Disease-Specific Holistic Diet Consultation (DSHDC)

It is the most ideal Holistic Healing Therapy Plan which takes care of the person at all the three levels, that is the BMS (Body-Mind-Soul)

The Universal law says that “We are not Material beings having a Spirit, but in-fact we are Spiritual beings having a Material body”.

It is important for us to realise that body is just an instrument of our soul. All the expressions, feelings and experiences belong to our soul and depending upon the positivity or negativity of those expressions, our body responds.

Keeping this important aspect in mind, our INNER HEALING TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM is designed to bring about healing at the innermost realm of your being.

The aim of this program is to acknowledge the importance of the strong B-M-S connection and work in accordance to it.

Just like any disease is born from “Within-Outwards”, our program is based on the module to help reversal of the disease from Within-Outwards!!


This therapy is disease-oriented and focuses on the root cause of your illness.

This program aims at creating awareness within you about your blocks and patterns. Because it is only through awareness, that healing and transformation can take place.

Depending on your weak areas, you will be guided step by step, how to redefine, heal and establish brand new boundaries in your life that will just not bring you happiness but it will also be the beginning of a brand new future and identity.


Homeopathy is one of the most popular and a beautiful holistic systems of medicine. This holistic approach is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity. Homoeopathy, not only helps in regaining the state of complete health but also aims at addressing the underlying cause of the disease and individual susceptibility.

They say, “Homoeopathic medicine doesn’t consists of any “material” medicine in it”, ….yes, it’s the most dynamic system of medicine which acts on the energy plane or the vital force of the individual strengthening it to combat the dynamicity of the disease. Not only does this help to reverse the material manifestations or the symptoms of the illness, but it also helps to empower the individual from within by increasing the energy levels and the immunity of the person.


This therapy builds your knowledge about holistic health and Nutrition.

It makes you aware of the

Knowledge of the best diet/food that will be helpful in your illness

Knowledge about food that could be detrimental to your health (in this illness)

Special diets for good health

INNER HEALING TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM also incorporates special therapies like Sound therapy, Music therapy, Dance therapy and Martial art therapy (as and when needed in any particular case).

Yoga and Meditation are considered vital in the majority of the cases.

Our qualified therapists play an important role by contributing in this healing journey through their specialized therapies.

The main aim of IHTP is Healing at the level of Body-Mind-Soul to achieve complete and permanent cure as well as a great insight about our inner being and our true self.

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