United we stand, Divided we fall! We all have heard this and believe in it from times immemorial.

Choosing not to underestimate the power of this above quote, we need to realise that there is immense strength in numbers.

Sometimes we can do somethings together than we can do it on our own.

Many a times this applies in the healing domain as well.

The mere feeling that we are not alone in this difficult journey to go through the disease, helps us heal faster.

This healing support one is able to achieve in our group healing sessions.

What is the main benefit of Support group?

If we are fortunate, we may get enough support from our family and friends. But many a times, they cannot quite understand what it is to be in our situation…..During such times, a support group or Self-help groups, which comprise of people who are in a similar situation like ours, may fill the void.

We at NIDHIVAN, through our support groups, aim to bring people together through the challenges of life by providing them concise and relevant techniques, up to date information and a meeting place for them to meet each other.

Such Group sessions/ Support groups help people to nurture, encourage, console, support and motivate themselves as well as others

The aim of these support groups is to unlock your Inner knowledge, amplify your True self and anchor Self-embodiment.

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