traverses the “divine destination for a blissful universe’, with a holistic healing power module of “Heal your Roots” to uncage inner deep-rooted consciousness which transforms overall wellbeing.
She is dedicated to help people develop and nurture the connection between their Body, Mind and Emotions, and to realise their true magnificence by looking at the deep dissatisfaction and unfulfillment they experience in relation to their lives.

DR.NIDHI as a Human

She is a deeply spiritual and energetic person with love for life and wellbeing of all based on her qualities of “SHARING AND CARING”. A woman of Character, Commitment, Compassion and Courage to address all challenges, yet humility defines her inner core and simplicity. Her deep love for her nation, defines her core of being a ‘Soldier For Life’in her sphere. She epitomizes a woman with a golden heart, a healing touch and a spiritual soul.

DR.NIDHI as a Healer

She is not only a qualified but an accomplished homoeopathic holistic healer with a focus on establishing harmony at the core of Mind, Body and Soul. Her strength is her multifaceted talents and focuses on the cause she undertakes as a mission. A strong nationalist with the inner strength to attain mission accomplishment irrespective of the odds, she is focused on an integrated approach, to elevate one's level of Spiritual Quotient, Intellectual Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Physical Quotient and Adversity Quotient.She is a renowned corporate medical advisor, wellness coach and counsellor.

DR.NIDHI as a Qualified Accomplisher

A degree holder of BHMS (Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), and has accomplished advanced level of Energy Healing Therapies as a qualified Reiki specialist. She is also certified in Vedic Literature , and has done courses in Positive psychology, Personality types, Foundation of Mindfulness and Global ailments thereby having a deep institutionalised understanding of healing at the physical, emotional and spiritual level ,which enables her in her holistic healing approach.
Besides the above mentioned qualifications, she is also a gifted artist with numerous talents and profound knowledge in Physical Fitness , Dietetics and Nutrition, Art therapy, Music therapy, Lifestyle Management and above all Spiritual Therapy. This empowers her to cure the illness at all three dimensions that is at the Body-Mind-Soul level
In essence,through her ‘Sharing and Caring’ healer qualities her sole purpose is to “HEAL YOUR INNER SELF AND STRENGTHEN YOUR ROOTS FOR A BLISSFUL LIFE”

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