Treatment Plan

This plan is much needed one in the following cases.

Relationship counselling,

Emotional Issues,

Post-traumatic stress disorder



Fears and Phobias

Family counselling (conflict between family members, Parental issues)

Wealth management/financial problems amongst family members.

Substance abuse and addictions

Personality disorders

Coping up with stigma

Job related stress / Workplace issue.

Treatment Plan:

This comprises of

First Consultation/ Detailed Case taking session and
Two Follow-up Sessions

First Consultation- ( Case Taking session- approx. 80 mins)

This will be a detailed case taking session which will include your :

• Present issue, any Associated issue.

• Emotional state

• In-Depth assessment of emotional blocks

• Daily routine schedule

• Past Medical History

• Treatment history

• Family health history

• Work and Family environment.

• Assessment of Life Goals

It will be purely an information gathering session.

P.S. - After the Case taking session, a customised KIT will be couriered to you (for the first month) which will include the following things:

1) Self-assessment forms/ questionnaires.

2) Self-exploration Workbook.

3) Customised Handouts for your specific issue.

4) Weekly activity journal.

5) Goal sheet.

6) Weekly activity journal.

7) Goal sheet

8) Track keeping form.

Follow up sessions- (for the First month)

1st Follow-up

• In-depth understanding of your current Mind state,

• Your Emotional analysis and its connection with your illness

• Root causes awareness of the issue.

• Life-style modifications

• Tracking of activities allotted to you.

2nd Follow-up

• Solution focused Counselling session.

• Self-empowerment session

• Understanding of Bird's eye view technique and its application in the present condition.

• Mind imagery and Visualization technique.

Follow-up consultations in the First month are in the 2nd and the 4th week after the First Consultation (onset of the treatment).

Hence, there are a total of three consultations in the first month.

SECOND MONTH there will be two Follow-up sessions of 40 mins each in the 2nd month ( In the 2nd week and 4th week )
Each Follow-up will comprise of

• In-depth result focused Counselling session to work on the root cause.

• Self-empowerment session

• Emotional Detox – this helps you eliminate all toxic, stuck emotional patterns, barriers and stored traumas

• Different techniques for redefining self through Self-introspection, Self-awareness and Self-actualization.

• Assessment of activities allotted

• Tracking of Goals (evaluated in 1st Month)

P.S- In the beginning of the 2nd month, again a KIT will be couriered to you which will consist of:

1) Emotional detox guidelines.

2) Self-assessment sheets

3) Common theme in your situation- analysis form

4) Daily-Wellness Strategy sheets

5) Thought diary

6) ‘My-Next-Step’ Plan book

7) Fitness and Lifestyle Management inventory.

THIRD MONTH there will be two Follow-ups of 40 mins each in the 3rd month. (In the 2nd week and 4th week )
Each Follow-up will comprise of

• Assessment and further progression on the road to desired goal (emotional state)

• In-depth-Solution focused Counselling session

• Self-empowerment session

• *Spiritual detox

• Meditation, Guided Imagery assessment

• Tracking of Goals (evaluated in 1st Month)

*Spiritual Detox helps to gain perspective in the chaos, find clarity and define our purpose. It is important to depart from the past, and hence the Spiritual detox aims at cleansing the consciousness of a person thereby elevating the level of Peace, Love, Faith, Joy and Hope within him, thus helping him identify with his true inner positive, pure and divine being.

P.S- In the beginning of the 3rd month, again a KIT will be couriered to you which will consist of:

1) Spiritual detox guidelines.

2) Self-Discovery Evaluation form

3) Core-Belief Life review form

4) Renewing-My-Standards/Beliefs (RMSB) sheet.

5) Self-Progress recognizing sheet

The total duration of the HETC can vary from 2 to 6 months ( depending upon the situation and circumstances )

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