We are not material beings in this world but we are spiritual beings in this material world.

However we have all chosen to identify with our material bodies and made our state of mind, completely dependent on our physical state of health and disease.

But the option to re-wire our thinking process on the right path is always open to us. Spiritual connectedness with self and God, not only helps us to understand that we are not meant to be on the mercy of our biological instrument(our body) but also that the drift required to bring about the necessary change we need to heal our illness is possessed by no one but us.

Taking the spiritual dimension into account, self-awareness about our spiritual identity can help us overcome unexplained problems that many of us face regularly.

Spirituality from within is a result of recognition, realization, and reverence. It is a way of making our life work at a higher level and receiving guidance for handling problems."

80% of our problems have their root cause at the spiritual dimension, and thus they require a spiritual solution to overcome them. Spiritual solutions to these problems can help most people to live happier and more meaningful lives.

The only prerequisite to attain this state of spiritual solution and confidence within ourselves is to possess an attitude of openness to new ideas and practices and to have excitement about getting to learn and change from conventional mind-set to a new world of self-empowerment.

There are three states one encounters during the shift at this level.

  • 1) The series of thoughts /ideas in the initial stages of the journey towards healing

  • 2) The positive shift during the progression of the journey

  • 3) The state of emotions and intelligence one attains at the completion of the healing journey.

These three shifts work at the level of six dimensions of our inner existence. In the world around us.

  • 1) Our relationship with self

  • 2) Our relationship with others.

  • 3) Our interaction with others

  • 4) How do we nurture ourselves

  • 5) How do we look up to the reality

  • 6) Our overall programming of mind.

As we progress in the three levels, with respect to the six dimensions, we realize that we are not the body, mind or ego but something more bigger. Besides achieving a state of inner peace, we start identifying ourselves with unconditional love and service for others.

At NIDHIVAN , we endeavour to transform negative and self-reproaching traits of a person into highest form of self-realization with spiritual maturity through a series of self-transformational tehniques . Some of them are Relaxation, Mind watching, Thought management, Mind imaging, Reflection, Journaling, Dropping resentments…

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