Before I explain you the benefits and the take-away of these sessions, I would like to share with you certain things.

Something that we always knew, always felt but refused to acknowledge within ourselves, was that magnificent connection of our mind and body. Our logical mind conveniently considered them separate unwilling to accept their intricate connectedness.

Today, within the neurosciences an area called "psychoneuroimmunology" and "Neuroimmunomodulation" has recently emerged which seems to be tracing the pathways between emotions and disease whose connections had long been glimpsed in clinical contexts by physicians.

The fact is that our body and our mind imitate and imprint each other. Our external bodily functioning continuously adapts to our internal and external environment that is operated by the brain, which in turn reflects the contents of our mind, our emotions and our soul.

The key factors in maintaining of our bodily health is our immune system which is controlled by the brain via neural connections, chemical reactions, neurotransmitters, lymphocytes, neurohormones, endorphins, and the like.

Through these linkages, what is going on in our consciousness is continuously affecting our body and vice versa.

It is our underlying consciousness that is the final determinant of everything and the body reflects this vividity in the form of an illness. You can say that it is the agitated state of consciousness that shows up in the form of a disorder.

A major source of bodily disease is the impact of one’s negative experience on the neurotransmitters.

Eg –

Joy deprivation Lowers Dopamine

Fear / Rage Elevates levels of Norepinephrines

Love deprivation Lowers Endorphins

Powerlessness/ Status deprivation Lowers Serotonin

The symptoms, reactions or conditions are the outward effects of the inner condition of the individual.

A specific sickness is the natural physical outcome of particular thought patterns and emotional disharmonies.

Eg -

Anger from experiencing obstacles leads to more vulnerability to infections, inflammations, boils, burning and fever.

Resentment (because of powerlessness and victimization) leads to more vulnerability to Cancers and tumours.

Guilt (Self-attack) More proneness to Emphysema, Herpes, Pain etc.

Shame (Attacks general Self-sustenance system) leads to disorders of life-support system such as blood, liver, immune system etc.

Grief (because of loss or deprivation) affects Respiratory system, Kidneys, Lungs, Ears, Sinus, and Heart.

Fear (activates adrenals) suppresses digestion.

Chronic fear Diseases of stomach, Intestines and bladder

Criticism (lack of self-worth) impacts environmental system Arthritis.

What is the Solution?

Step 1:

Action with WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE. (ref to our Our Sitar Model.)

This can happen only with acceptance and acknowledgement of your current Mental and Physical Situation ( Your emotions and Disease)

Step 2:


Step 3:

Become open to changes in your Consciousness patterns and manifestations which is your door to good health.

Apart from working on the underlying source of the problem, corrective actions should also be taken at the bodily level.

The process is like from inside as well as outside to finally meet with the resultant permanent termination of the disorder after a greatly accelerated healing.

My main aim is to create awareness within you about your blocks and patterns. Because it is only through awareness that healing and transformation can take place.


This Emotional-transformational counselling therapy will be disease-oriented and will focus on the root cause of your illness.

There will be a detailed inquiry into your emotions, past as well as present, especially those areas which were responsible for making you more vulnerable towards a particular illness.

This will not only help us to plan the direction of the subsequent therapies and schemes to be followed, but will also give you an opportunity for self-exploration, self-introspection, and self-understanding.

Once the root cause is unmasked, our customised, unique and transformational module will come into the picture.

Complete transparency shall be maintained with you regarding the protocols which will be followed and of the treatment plan.

Depending on your weak areas, you will be guided step by step, how to redefine, heal and establish brand new boundaries in your life that will just not bring you happiness but it will also be the beginning of a brand new future and identity.

You will also be able to understand:

• What will actually help you to move forward in life

• How to overcome obstacles and how to become aware of what no longer serves you

• How to let go of the past which no longer exists

• How to be transformed into your true , authentic self day by day

• How to live a rich and meaningful life

This process /journey will reach its goal through engaging you in

• Facilitated Emotional Detox

• Solution focused empowerment sessions

• Self-exploration workbooks

• Self-assessment questionnaires

• Mind imagery and Visualization techniques.

• Specialised therapies (as per your inner interest/passion) from our reputed therapists

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