Love is the most important factor for a strong and fulfilling relationship but still not enough.

Why is it so? ……..Relationships require concerted effort from both sides. They require listening, empathy, understanding, healthy boundaries, communication & respect.

Often relationships become sour, communication gets broken or misunderstood. As a result distrust creeps in and relationships that were once a source of happiness, reach a bitter end due to unresolved hurts, unmet needs, disappointments and unrealistic expectations.

Cases where relationship counselling helps could be:

Lack of Trust in Relationship

Unhappy Marriage

Moving on After Breakup

Rekindling Love in the Relationship

Dealing with cheating or Infidelity

Couple Counselling

Explore ideas and patterns of relationships

Identify met and unmet needs

Managing expectations

Work life imbalance

Work on communication style

Boundary setting

Conflict resolution

We at NIDHIVAN , after individualistic and joint sessions, through a series of self-assessment analysis, we aim to heal the relation from its very core thereby creating a safe and conducive space for individuals to communicate without hurting each other, understand without judging each other and create a better understanding of each other's needs.

It helps to bring the relation at that juncture where one can explore and understand how unique, subjective elements of each individual personality might be creating friction in the relationship and how to repair the rupture caused due to it.

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