The Life wheel facilitates the Cultivation of Personal improvement.

The aim of the Holistic Life Wheel is to bring balance between the important areas of Life.

These are:

● Environmental

● Profession / Career

● Financial

● Personal Health and Fitness

● Family and Friends

● Marital / Love life

● Fun and Recreation

● Personal and Spiritual Growth.

This Life Wheel emphasizes on the fact that at each and every instance of our life, all these areas are connected at every time and a balance between them is very much essential.

They cannot be confined within artificial boundaries, because even if one of them is neglected, or not given importance, the effect is on the whole person.


This is the personal surrounding that’s connects with the success and balance of life. It includes the meticulousness in your routine, the space in which you thrive. Maintaining a proper balance and care for your workplace, home and personal space becomes an important meter here.

Career / Profession:

Upgrading your skills, not only related to your Work Profession, but also staying curious and trying to earn new things. Engaging yourself in creative activities and enhancing your intellectual interests. As most of our life is spent at our work it becomes essential that we are successful and happy in the chosen career / profession at the same time maintaining good relations at work.

Financial Health / Wealth Management:

This refers to how you enable yourself to maintain a balance between the never ending expenses and the limited income. Taking steps to fulfil your financial goals & planning for your future financial health. Aim is to achieve a state of mind where the finance earning, saving or spending does not become a stressful activity.

Personal Physical Health and Fitness:

Your commitment to self-care has a direct impact on your life satisfaction. It involves sufficient physical activity, having a well-balanced diet, sufficient water and sleep. This gears up your ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get through daily tasks without undue fatigue or physical stress.

Family and Friends:

These form the connective bonds in the form of Society around an individual. Establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with family and friends is vital for a happy living. Keeping in mind that every relation id a two way bond, we should strive inculcate humility and respect towards all for a strong relation.

Love / Marital life:

This explains the Level of oneness with your partner and his/her support as you move in the journey of life. Healthy marriage leads to a joyous and contented life. Not only this, but a loving partner provides emotional support and companionship thus enhancing life’s satisfaction. The level of being one with your partner has to be truly divine and unconditional.

Fun & Recreation:

This is a part where you devote some time for your happiness and indulge into activities that you really enjoy the most. This may be your favourite hobby, a sport, a vacation, a game, etc., this aspect is a primary medium for you to disconnect from everything and bring personal joy and happiness. It also gives you an opportunity to connect through this medium with others.

Personal & Spiritual Growth:

This aspect takes us in the Journey toward self-transformation & self-introspection giving us an ability to understand our true selves and cope up with challenges that life brings. Being clearly able to visualize your life’s purpose, mission and your uniqueness, that is the reason for which you exist here.

At NIDHIVAN we believe that the Inner Healing Therapy begins by a Balanced Life. The wheel shows how to bring balance to our life and create happiness and success. It is a way to observe each facet of life and emphasize on the fact that each and every instance of your life is connected at every time and a balance between them is very essential. By focusing on eight happiness factors in human life it helps you achieves harmony in these areas. It is a way to connect deeply with yourself so you can uncover which areas need more attention than others.

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