“Our Vision is to tap, unreveal, and symphonize Holistic Self-healing Customized solutions to unfold all dimensions of wellness in individuals.”

We believe that volatility, uncertainty, complexities and ambiguities (VUCA) facing global society are generating stress. This adversely impacts health and wellness creating distortion in the balance of body, mind and soul.

We at NIDHIVAN are focus on a simplistic ‘back to basics’ integrated multi-dimensional approach for holistic healing and overall well-being. We believe in excellence as a way of life and hence endeavor to innovate customized solutions to address individual DNA of our clients.

Our IHT(Inner Healing Therapy) is designed to release pain and suffering, by awakening the inborn-healing-potentials which lie dormant within us and are yet to be fully explored, acknowledged and embraced for achieving the best version of our health.

We envision a healthy and a vibrant community and to uswellness of our clients is just not a journey but the destination

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