We are all beings of the same universal creation.

We are created out of the very essence of the Universe and so we inherit all its beautiful, sacred and wonderful powers.

We have the same energy within us as that of the universe. Each cell is as powerful and efficient in restructuring and rejuvenating itself as it was meant to be. It is oozing with the divine positive energy.

Our body is an amazing instrument which is very carefully and meticulously designed.

Each and every cell of our body has a purpose. Every tissue muscle, organ, nerve, etc. are operating to serve you in a harmonious way.

Everything in our body renews within a set frame time. The cells in our eyes renew every 48 hrs. Our stomach lining renews every 3 days. Our liver cells renew every 6 weeks. Our skin is renewed every month.

So if our body has these amazing abilities, why does disease and illness exist? Or rather what causes the illness?

We all have different areas of susceptibility and vulnerability. When this area of vulnerability is triggered, there is dis-ease in the harmony at the level of Body-Mind-Soul and the onset of symptoms.

Also it is an array of causes or wrong actions which actually result in any particular disease. These are the root cause of any disease which are generally hidden deep in the core. The roots need to be strong and healthy in order to attain the best state of health; the deeper they are and the longer the stronger you are, they are your inner self. If the roots of our inner being remain unexplored, the journey towards healing the disease from the roots will not be complete.

Hence our treatment involves to a great extent fixing the root cause of the disease rather than merely alleviating the symptoms.

This also ensures that the treatment/ cure is permanent.

The Main causes / triggers playing an important role in disrupting the harmony within an individual are……

1) Stress or Unhealthy emotions

Stress/Past trauma and challenging life situations block and restrict our energy.

One of the biggest factors contributing to deterioration of mental health is stress. People often stress over work or factors in personal life, even for trivial events which takes a toll on their mental health. Managing stress in the right manner is ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

Now the stress can be classified into Acute or chronic (long lasting)

Acute stress generally tackled in the right way fades over a period of time (generally couple of days/weeks)

But chronic stress is caused by unhealthy thoughts, feelings or beliefs over a period of time.

It is a fact that our thoughts have vibrations.

It is a proven fact that illness, however mild or severe it an indicator of your emotional state caused by an underlying thought and focus. It is well known that mind can cause physical symptoms.

This is broadly illustrated in our Emotional wheel

Sometimes we spend our whole life, competing with others, trying to see ourselves with the eyes of others, trying to prove that we are somebody but still feel like nobody. We doubt ourselves, feel worthless at times, and the consequence is that we are left with a sense of fear, guilt, timidity and low self-esteem.

The need is to acknowledge your strength, acknowledge your faith and acknowledge your trust in the grand scheme of the universe.

It is important to reach a stage where you can witness what a divine thing it is to be fragile and vulnerable, and yet carrying an enormous strength within.

Have reverence for the strength of your awareness. Realise how indescribable, pure and everlasting it is!..... Embrace it!

We need to understand that the truth inside us is more powerful. We need to help ourselves to get rid of our own fears and self-doubt to build our self-esteem and self-confidence.

For this we need to believe in ourselves. We need to believe that we are braver than we think we are. That we are more talented than we know ourselves to be and that we are more capable than we ever imagined ourselves to be.

Our actions and behaviours need to be driven by our inner desires and we need to become the best versions of ourselves.

2) Food habits

The food that we eat and the nutritional choices that we make literally becomes who we are and influences our emotional and physical health. Here I would like to emphasize on the content, composition of our diet and our eating patterns.

Our physical and mental well-being is directly linked to what we eat and drink. The nutritional content of what we eat or drink determines the composition of our body cells, our blood, bones, organs, tissue, skin and hair. As discussed earlier, our bodies are replacing millions of cells every day and using the foods we consume as the source.

The nutrition in our food enables the cells in our bodies to perform their necessary functions. They are the nourishing substances that are essential for growth. When the nutrient intake does not regularly meet the body requirement, it impacts health in a negative way.

A healthy diet and Mindful eating become a must here.

3) Lifestyle

Lifestyle plays an important role in health, wellness and fitness. Today’s urban lifestyle where one doesn’t stop and take time for themselves is causing more harm than good when it comes to emotional and physical health. Children are being encouraged to stay indoors due to much more entertainment options available digitally which has led to decrease in sports participation in the youth age group.

Sleep is another hurdle that people of all generations are facing. Mental health issues like anxiety and insomnia are making it worse for those suffering from it as it affects the everyday lifestyle and brings about a lot of discomfort.

A person’s lifestyle makes up a major part of their personality.

Taking Our Body wheel into consideration the most suited regime is advised to the person which he/she can easily adapt to thereby leading to healthy outputs at work and in personal life.

We need to understand that though the symptoms of the disease grab the most attention, they are only an external manifestation and are due to after cause of unhealthy state of mind and thoughts over a prolonged period of time.

The disease that one experiences is just your body’s way of communicating with you and expressing that there is some discomfort, disturbance and disharmony is going on at the inner level.

It doesn’t come to make you miserable… but it comes to inspire you to tap deeper into your soul. It comes to make you realise how magical you are, to make to realise that you are stronger than the disease. It is a sign that you need to go deeper and understand your inner self more in detail.

The more you get to know about your body through the disease, the more you can connect with yourself and love your body – the easier it becomes to travel the journey towards a healthy state.

At NIDHIVAN, we aim in bringing a proper balance and harmony in your life by addressing all causes/aspects of your disease as well as enabling you to know your inner being through the three wheels namely our Life wheel,Emotional wheel and Spiritual wheel

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