The SITAR stands for the intelligence needed for harmony with the greater world.

It is an instrument that represents the path to self-discipline on the path towards self-realisation.

Inspired by this beautiful epitome of raised Consciousness, our therapy also aims towards raising consciousness of an individual and hence a beautiful journey of self-transformation

Our Sitar model is a cumulative expression of the journey from an illness that is (diseased state) towards the state of health.

It is the fundamental model of the Inner Healing Therapy at NIDHIVAN.

It incorporates our three models namely the Life wheel, Emotional wheel and the Spiritual wheel

It broadly illustrates two pathways, we generally opt for when encountered by an illness.

The first one is when we choose the road to help ourselves right from the very beginning. We take up the challenge to eradicate the illness completely from our being by targeting and working at the root cause through Awareness, Acceptance and taking appropriate Action. We choose to work at the level of Body, Mind and Soul, strengthening and idealizing each one of them.

The second is when we encounter an illness but choose to be in our comfort zone, by ignoring it either due to Non-acceptance or due to the Fear of facing it. Whatever be the reason here, we are bound to suffer and face deterioration at the level of Body and Mind, thereby allowing the illness to take a toll on us. However with gradual acceptance, guidance, knowledge and wisdom, if we shift our road towards self-help, we are bound to reach the state of health.

This path further demonstrates the importance of healing at the Physical dimension, Emotional dimension and Spiritual dimension through our Life wheel, Emotional wheel and Spiritual wheels respectively with an aim to achieve Complete cure and Wellbeing.

This SITAR MODEL is the fundamental principle of healing at NIDHIVAN and is the foundation of the Inner Healing Therapy which promises healing at the level of the core.

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