These concentric rings of The Emotional Wheel represent the three aspects of human emotions.

The innermost are the root causes or the negative experiences which have been somewhere caged within us at different stages or events in our life. They are the causes of some of the most important emotional challenges and their impact has been so tremendous leading to disruption at the level of body, mind and soul. Somewhere individual and inherent sensitivities also play an equivalent role in getting victimised by these situations.

The second ring represents the outcome of those inner caged reasons/feelings which are showed in the behaviour of the person and are the primary or associative sufferings along with the physical disease and also to some extent responsible for them. They are not only the manifestations which inhibit our growth, progress and positive re-structuring towards health, but also act as factors inviting diseases and disorders through our negative pre-set mind and behavioural patterns.

As we know the most important cause for any physical disease is the derangement at the core level, it becomes inevitable to convert these negative emotions into their positive counterparts.

At NIDHIVAN, through a series of sessions which include self-assessment, self-awareness, detox at 3 levels and empowerment sessions, we try to take you through a developmental process so that you become liberated from your limitations , ultimately being able to enter a new world of great integrity.

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