Your company’s performance depends on your employees which in turn depends on their emotional and psychological well-being.

50% of India’s corporate sector suffers from stress today.

How corporate counselling helps your business

  • It helps to increase productivity and engagement of the employees.

  • It helps to develop a positive workplace environment.

  • It helps address issues before they become conflicts.

  • It reduces the attrition rate in your company.

Why taking care of employee’s mental health is important at workplace?

Employees face a lot of stress of completing time stipulated targets, work-load, relations with subordinates or colleagues, work-life balance, expected responsibilities…

This stress is manifested in their performances at work and their overall behaviour.

Common workplace issues that employees generally face include:

  • Interpersonal conflict

  • Communication problems

  • Bullying

  • Harassment

  • Discrimination

  • Low motivation

  • Low Job satisfaction

  • Performance issues

Personalised Counselling helps the employees to

1) Acknowledge their issues and then

2) Address them.

It gives them a direction to deal with their problems.

Benefits of effective corporate counselling

  • Helps the employees to tackle with the problems effectively

  • Helps in decision making

  • A new way to look at the perspective.

  • May reduce the number of absenteeism of employee

  • Possibility of smooth coordination between employer and employee.

In addition to these, it also helps to

  • Grow their confidence and self-esteem.

  • Become self-motivated and take initiatives.

  • Learn strategies to handle work stress.

  • Improve work-life balance.

At NIDHIVAN, we facilitate Group sessions as well as Individual one-on-one counselling sessions.

The Group sessions help to emphasize time management, promote work life balance, encourage upgrading their professional skills , getting adapted to the work environment with a more accepting attitude, thereby aiming to ease and enrich his professional life

Our One-on-one counselling session focus on determining the root cause of the many issues faced at work and are dealt with efficiently with the help of our BMS models.

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