Healing effects of Music on Mind and Body-The universe within us

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The universe is teeming with Music.

We are living in this Universe, rather we are a part of his Universe where each Celestial body, in fact each and every atom produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm and its vibration. All these sound-forms and vibrations form a Universal harmony.

From this Universal Harmony, we emerge in human form through a cycle of birth and death. Hence every truth of the Universe is within us. We are structured in the same way in which the universe is with the same Complexity, same Inert Power and same Tuning.

We are all connected to the planets and stars around us and are actually a part of them.

Each planet represents another territory in our life.

NASA Research shows that planets and stars actually give off music.

Although space is a virtual vacuum, but sound in the space exists in the form of electromagnetic vibrations made by each of the planet with its respective orbital rotation.

These sounds simulate the Musical notes but are so low that they cannot be heard by the human ears.

Now since the Universe with all the planets is directly related to musical notes, we humans also equally have those notes embedded within us and are equally sensitive to them is some way or the other.

If we assume all the planets to be in sequence, assigning musical notes to all, it would infer something like this.

Example- Earth's rotation produces a C# note at a very low octave with a frequency of 432 Hz.

'ALBA MUNDI- The sound of the planets' is a 432 Hz Music created by Giorgio Costantini. The harmony of entire composition is constructed according to the note and orbital frequency of each of the nine planets of our Solar system.

NASA Scientists have created a music disc called 'THE GOLDEN RECORD' with 'The Sounds of Earth' imprinted on it. This disc is till date being played in Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 which were launched which were launched 41 years back (in 1977) and are till date travelling in the Interstellar space of the Universe.

The GOLDEN RECORD consists of 27 chosen pieces of Music which represent many different cultures on the Earth. It also includes one Indian raga.

The aim of this Golden Record is to provide the aliens with the address of the Earth and to show them the intelligence and the Cultures prevailing on the Earth.

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