Pride: The Longest Distance Between Two People

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Just like Gratitude and Confidence are universally seen as positive feelings, similarly pride is one such emotion that can make us more patient, more willing to persist in the face of challenge and more resistant to temptations that distract us from our aims.

Most of the time people who are labelled "PROUD" are considered as egotists or arrogant (A state of hubristic pride) and as we all know Pride lies in the list of 7 deadly sins, as explained by the proverb

"Pride comes before a fall".

However the virtue of pride can also have its beneficial form.

When pride does not have a false sense of ego attached to it (Authentic pride), it can make a person a person feel more confident specially when appreciated and thus helps to remaining dedicated to achieve his goal.

Authentic pride is also associated with increase social support, lower anxiety, increased motives for bonding, and a greater desire to help others by sharing ones expertise.

"Good pride represents our dignity and self respect, while bad pride is a deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit and arrogance" - By John Maxwell.

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