The Power Of Positive And Structured Drop Of Water

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Research has shown that Music and Prayers too have got an immense impact on the structure of the water molecules.

Different kinds of Music affect the structure differently. Music especially of particular frequency (432 Hz and 528 Hz) forms water structure with a lot of healing power.

This explains how we feel good and elated due to restructuring of water in our body cells when exposed to soothing music or the music

In the same way, water molecules are sensitive and react by restructuring themselves when exposed to prayers (In the 1st World War, American army used the positively structured water to kill germs and heal wounds of their soldiers)

The light of the SUN which is the greatest source of energy, also helps to align the water molecules within our cells.

The benefits of drinking Structured water are

Helps east absorption of vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream.
Absorbs lesser gases than ordinary water

Has a PH which is crucial for health.

Has higher levels of electrical charges which help cell functions.

We live in a water body and this water tells us to take a deeper look within ourselves. It speaks to us with a WISDOM that it has gained over millions of years.

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