The power of Emotions

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Human being is a body, mind and soul - combined in one!

Now what are emotions..?

Emotions are strong feelings that one experiences, based on one's circumstances, moods or relationship with others. !

Emotions are free from any reasoning or knowledge.

An understanding of the impact of emotions, beliefs and thoughts on the human system will make us aware about the influence of emotions and beliefs on the healthy state and diseased state of our body.

Each and every emotion that an individual experiences, (love, anger, joy, happiness, fear, jealousy etc.) result in the formation of a different chemical compound in our body.

Emotions also have a strong influence on our immune cells.

The strength of our immune cells and their susceptibility to infections, all depends upon your emotions.

This in turn defines the signs and symptoms of the disease that a human body experiences.

It is a proven fact that many major illnesses affecting mankind, are a result of suppressed emotions.

In short, a perfect health is a result of perfect physical, emotional and spiritual state of human body.

Now perfect and healthy emotions are a by-product of our clean and pure consciousness.

But other factors like nutrition also play an important role in maintaining healthy emotions!

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