Music- Its remarkable effect on our brain

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Music is a source of creativity and has the power to bring forth our better nature.

Music has the unique ability to activate all the areas of the brain at the same time (as proven by functional MRI).

Playing and listening to music regularly physically alters your brain structure.

Children with musical background do better in subjects like language, reading, and maths and have better motor skills.

Music encourages brain capacity to change and grow. It increases the blood flow in the brain.

Music helps students in the following way:-

1) Music improves language development, Test scores and Brain connectivity.

2) It increases IQ and Spatial Intelligence.

3) Spatial intelligence helps students to understand how things work together and hence is critical in careers like Architecture, Engineering, Maths and Computer science.

Albert Einstein was an accomplished Violinist and believed that the theory of relativity occurred to him by intuition and that Music was the driving force.

It has been proved that Surgeons who listened to music while operating were less stressed out and more accurate and faster.

A new branch of research called NEUROMUSICOLOGY has been established which explores how nervous system reacts to Music.

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