What We Know Of This Drop Of Water

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Water is a bearer of secrets. It's full of mysteries. It is always helpful when it comes to creating and preserving organic life.

This is proved by the fact that life on earth has begun in the oceans. And we humans, start our lives in the amniotic fluid which is 99% water.

Scientists till date have not been able to understand about the mysterious qualities of water.

1) Why water is the only substance on the planet that is able to exist in all the three states - ie solids, liquids and gaseous ?

2) Why does water have the highest Surface tension of all liquids ?

3) Why is it the most powerful solvent on Earth ?

4) How against the earth's gravity, is it able to rise upwards in the trees?

5) While other liquids contract as they cool, why is it that water expands on freezing making it lighter so as to float on the surface of liquid water ?

Research has shown that water has the ability to reproduce the properties of any substance it once contained.

The quality of water inside us is directly proportionate to the type of humans we are.

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