Relationship connection and healing

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What is a relationship connection? There are ways in which people can enhance their closeness with others. This could be in relevance to friendship, family relationships or romantic relationships, by closeness we mean mutual satisfaction and behaviours that contributes to one another's goals and hopes in life. Close relations are strong, frequent and diverse interdependence that lasts over a considerable period of time.

There are five specific components of close relationships:

1. Knowing and being known: This refers to behaviours aimed at having two individuals know each other. In well - minded relationships each person will recognize that people change in many ways over time with respect to their physical appearances and psychological compositions. "Good communication" is a relationship must constantly be nurtured, and built on the premise that one can express feelings often and fully

2. Attribution: It has been the central concept in close relationship one of the most common type of attribution patterns would be how we explain others behaviours in terms of either the situation or their personalities.

3. Acceptance and respect: We need to accept what we come to know about our close ones and respect the other based on this knowledge. If we have doubts or cannot accept major parts of who our partners are, then minding is much more difficult to implement. Empathy and empathetic accuracy are the center of acceptance and respect in close relationships.

4. Reciprocity in minding: These needs to be sense of equity in relationships such that each person receives benefits from relationship roughly equal to the amount he or she is contributing to the relationship.

5. Continuity: generally extensive period of time is required to become we; established regarding care and thoughtfulness with respect to how one carries out one's life.

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