The Miraculous Healing Power Within Us

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We all have a powerful healing intelligence that resides within our body and mind.

This innate healing power helps to mend our body anytime we suffer from an injury or illness.

This healing power depends a lot on our emotional state of mind.

Our emotions have a strong influence on our immune cells and the healing capability of our body.

Also, negative emotions not only produce highly potent toxins within us, but also cloud our divine healing capacity. Hence it becomes very important to handle negative emotions effectively.

For this we need to learn to work constructively with our own emotions.

To achieve this, acceptance or digestion of emotions is most important. Unaccepted thoughts, issues, emotions and stresses create a residue that accumulate in tissues and organs of our body which in turn creates additional stress.

These stresses arrest our processes of development and disconnects us from the divine creative intelligence of the Universe.

As we accept and resolve the issues, we begin to release the stresses held within us and heal the painful emotions thereby moving forward in life.

Doing so, not only improves our intellectual and emotional range, but it also awakens memory, awakens inner passions, sparks creativity and deepens our intuition.

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