Miracles of alkalizing diet

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The human body is composed of various organs and parts which are made up of tissues and cells. These tissues and cells are composed of sixteen chemicals elements. The balance or equilibrium of these chemical elements in the body is an essential factor in the maintenance of health and healing of the disease.

The acid and alkaline balance plays an important role in this balanced body chemistry. All food after digestion and absorption leave either an acidic or alkaline ash in the body depending on their mineral composition. The normal body chemistry is approximately 20% acid and 80% alkaline, this is called an acid alkaline balance.

In normal health the reaction of the blood is alkaline and that is necessary for our physical and mental wellbeing.

ACIDOSIS: Whenever the alkalinity of the blood is reduced, its ability to transport the carbon dioxide gets reduced, this results in the accumulation of acids in the tissues.

Its symptoms are hunger indigestion, burning sensation and pain in the pharynx, nausea, headache, vomiting and various nervous disorders.

It seriously interferes with the functioning of the gland and the organs of the body. It also lowers the vitality of the system thereby increasing the danger of infectious diseases.

Acidosis can be prevented by maintaining a proper ration between acids and alkaline foods in the diet. Certain foods leave alkaline ash and help in maintaining alkalinity of the blood, which others leave acid ash which reduces the blood alkalinity.

Thus our daily diet should consist of 4/5th of alkaline forming foods such as juicy fruits, tubers, legumes, ripe fruits, leafy and root vegetables, and 1/5th of the acid forming foods containing concentrated proteins and starches such as bread cereals, etc.

The most aggregable and convenient mean of alkalising the blood are citrus fruits and fruit juices. The alkalising value of citrus fruits are due to the large percentage of alkaline sales, mainly potash they contain. Each pint of orange juice contains 12 grains of potassium which is one of the most potent alkali. Lemon juice contains nine grains of the alkali more than that of grapes.

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