Patience: Practise In Trust

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Patience is an art, a form of WISDOM

Patience is not something we have. It is something that we consciously do. It is like any other form of hard earned discipline. The more we practise the more patient we become.

"PATIENCE strengthens the spirit, sweetens the temper, stifles anger, extinguishes envy, subdues pride, bridles the pride, restrains the hand and tramples upon temptations." - BY GEORGE HORN

Objective and Subjective scientists have long praised the virtue of patience. Research has proved that sure enough, good things really come to people who wait.

Some benefits of practising patience are:

1. Positive rewards - Patience can reward us with positive recognition.

2. Better mental health - Patient people enjoy better mental health, as they can cope up better with upsetting or stressful situations. They also prove to be more mindful, feel more gratitude, and more connected towards mankind and universe with a greater sense on abundance.

3. Tolerance - Such people become more tolerant to the flaw in others thereby displaying generosity, compassion, mercy and forgiveness which in turn helps them to experience contentment in their own lives.

4. Hope - Patience brings hope. It brings continued renewal of belief in our desired goals and in heights we are striving to achieve.

5. Excellence - We fulfil our potential with patience. In this way, genius is nothing but a greater propensity of patience.

6. Relationship - In relationships patience is a form of kindness. Patient people tend to become more co-operative, more empathetic, more equitable, more forgiving and more self-less.

"Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience"- RALPH WALDO EMERSON.

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