How emotions influence our diet

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Your mood directly affects your food.

Emotional eating holds a place in the mainstream.

Sometimes we seem to be feeding our feelings rather than our bodies.

Many human behaviors are driven by our subconscious emotions. And the food that we eat is one of them.

Coffee is a very common example of emotional connection with food. For instance; many people can't function function unless they have had their shot of coffee first thing in the morning.

Our relationship with food is complicated but it really helps to understand both our emotions and mental states.

Scientists have demonstrated the link between desire for a particular food and need for certain nutrients. These nutrients are needed by our body to regulate our emotions, moods or physical conditions.

Example: Chocolate is generally craved when one is facing the emotion of love as the chemical present in chocolate (PEA) is the same as that in our brain during that emotion.

Someone who is experiencing tiredness or burnout may crave for cheese and sugars to a great extent.

When people are depressed, fearful or feeling lonely, they may start craving the soothing effects of fatty foods and ice-cream.

It is very necessary to keep observing your eating habits and desires and more important to become very mindful before you eat something questioning.

Something because of which you would later repent.

Cravings of food are signs that body is looking for peace and harmony. These could be because of stress or physical imbalances.

Four emotions form the core of emotional eating.

F - Fear,

A- Anger,

T- Tension,

S- Shame

Fear is the most powerful negative emotion. It is also the root emotion in the fat feeling Anger, Tensions and Shame are all extensions of Fear.!!!!

• We feel angry because we fear losing love in the form of something or someone valuable to us.

• We feel tensed because we are afraid of trusting or because we have walked away from our path.

• We feel shame because we fear we are inadequate.

If your emotional issues change, so will your food cravings. There can be a physical reason for food cravings too.. Example: If you are missing out on certain minerals or vitamins or have an imbalance in your diet, you will crave certain foods. But if your physical causes are met with, the causes left are emotional.

It could generally be a need for comfort, touch , support, connection, etc.

Ultimately we need to face our emotions instead of covering them up with food. While this looks difficult, it is the real pathway to radiance, health, vitality along with balance and happiness.


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