Unique Qualities Of Water,its Memory And Emotions.

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Some of the most unique properties of water ie. Memory and emotions are stored in the clusters made by the molecules of water. Experiments done in many countries around the world have shown that any substance coming in contact with water, leaves a trace on water.

Nearly 75% of Earth's surface is covered with water. Similarly, our human body is made up of 75% water and our brain is made up of 85% water and 15% organic matter. When we talk about the information and memory stored in our brain, it is that which is stored in the millions of molecules of water that our brain is made up of.

Water has a lot of Power or Energy with which it can reshape itself when exposed to negative and positive emotions.

Water crystals get transformed into shapes of flowers or diamonds when exposed to positive words like LOVE, COMPASSION, THANK YOU, WISDOM, TRUTH, etc.

Similarly, negative words such as HATE, KILL,WAR.etc transform the water crystals into dark and ugly forms.

This happens as the water responds to the vibrations emitted from the Positive and Negative words.

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