LIFE SATISFACTION: Pure contentment

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Life satisfaction is an important component of subjective well-being, the scientific term being happiness.

Subjective well-being is a person's cognitive and affective evaluation of his / her life, subjective scientists derive that an essential ingredient of a good life is that the person himself should like his life.

Basically life satisfaction refers to individuals overall feelings about his / her life.

There are many factors that contribute to life satisfaction from a number of domain.

They include work, relationship with family, romantic relationship, personal and professional developments, health and wellness and others.

Life satisfaction measures are based on variables that an individual finds personally important in their own life. Your life satisfaction will be determined based on factors that you personally donít feel meaningful.

Example : Someone who is homeless or terminally ill, may well have a higher life satisfaction then a wealthy person in good health, because they may place importance on a very different set of variables, than those involved in quality of life. Life satisfaction has been links to many advantageous outcomes.

Individuals with high life satisfaction tend to have more positive social relationships,receive more social support, experience greater marital satisfaction, then those with lower life satisfaction.

At professional level high life satisfaction results in better job performances, greater carrier satisfaction, increased organisational commitment and decreased turnover intention.

At physical level it promotes better overall physical health and fewer long term health conditions. They are low mortality then individuals with low life satisfaction.

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