The three great wonders of our mind

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What's going on in that beautiful mind?

Let's talk about some technical secrets of our wonderful mind.

Our mind operates very beautifully like a computer.!

The first wonder- We think in pictures.

These are activated by words. This is how our mind actually works. We think in pictures our every waking moment.we even dream in pictures at night.

Example: Think of a wedding and your mind will picturize it. Similar thing happens with any other occasion/ object/ feeling / emotion depending upon your past experience.

The second wonder- We always act out the picture in our head.

Example: How do you see yourself at something you believe you are not so good at?

Answer is - If you have seen yourself performing poorly in the past, you tend to perform poorly.

If you see yourself performing well, you will tend to perform well.

This shows that we always manifest/ act the picture we hold foremost in our head.

The result is that we become in our life the persons we see ourselves to be.

The third wonder- We can change the pictures in our head.

By our imagination, we get limitless ability to change any picture within our mind.

We can fill ourselves with perfection and this is a miracle!! Remember that a picture imagined earnestly in every detail with a lot of clarity can have 10-60 times more impact on your brain than a real life experience.

In other words, a picture we purposely create in our head by CHOICE, has a potential to be far more powerful than a picture from outside world that has been forced on us by chance. !


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