Music over medicine The healing effects of Music.

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Music has both, a Psychological and a Physiological effect on the body

Music can help people perform better in high pressure situations.

In adults, music improves the immune system functions and reduces anxiety.

Music distracts your brain from registering body's fatigue.

It triggers memories in people with impaired memory due to brain injury.

Music causes body to release endorphins to counteract pain.

Music can help in Migraine and chronic headaches by reducing the intensity, frequency and duration of the headaches.

Music has been known to relieve intense short term pain to chronic pain as in arthritis. This happens as it decreases the pain perception and gives a sense of better control over pain.

In cases of brain injury/ damage, to restore the lost speech (which is the ability of the left brain,) the singing ability which actually emerges in the right brain has the capability to work around the injury and show positive results/ effects.

Music increases the endurance while improving the heart and muscles.

Listening to music, reduces the anxiety associated with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Cancer patients.

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