Understanding The Beautiful Structure Of Water

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Water has an inherent property of memory and emotions. Before going into the deeper understanding of these two properties, lets understand the structure of water.

We know that water molecule is made up of two hydrogen and one oxygen atom. These molecules join together to form groups called clusters.

These clusters are energy store houses of the water and also work as memory bank in which water recalls its whole history of its relationship with the world.

In nature, water flows in streams and rivers where its structure and energy level is at its best.

Before arriving at our home, it makes a long journey (1000s of kilometres under high pressure) through water supply system which has multiple right angled turns.

The natural structure of water breaks down with each turn and by the time it reaches us, the water crystal has completely lost its beauty.

The packaged water that further goes through multiple purification processes, may be pure with added minerals, but has no energy or life in it .

The stability of the cluster structure is very important.

Unfortunately , people do not sense the difference between naturally pure and artificially pure water, but animals will always choose water from a spring as it is loaded with energy.

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