Effect of positive and negative emotions on human body.

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All emotions whether positive or negative are adaptive to right circumstances. The key is to find the right balance between the two.


They expand our awareness and make us open to new ideas which help us to grow in life.

People who are emotionally strong have fewer negative emotions and are able to bounce back their difficulties faster.

In this way healthy positive emotions not only lift us up mentally but also strengthen us to overcome physical challenges.

Research has shown that positive emotions like Love, Compassion and Gratitude encourage harmonious heart rhythms.

Another research has shown that positive emotions like Hope and Curiosity offer protective benefits from diseases like Diabetes and High blood pressure.


In a book "The sacred life", the author has explained that the negative emotions are like highly potent toxins that you may be holding inside yourself.

Examples :

• Chronic stress raises inflammation and increases your risk to deadly diseases.

• Chronic neck pain comes due to inability to see different perspectives.

• Pain in the hips could be a sign that we have too much fear and unable to make important decisions.

• Upper back pain- associated with heartbreak.

• Mid back pain- when you cant let go of the past.

• Lower back pain- related to financial stress

• Sadness causes fatigue, tiredness and low energy levels.

Hence we conclude that a dose of POSITIVISM is worth it.

It improves one's physical and emotional health in many ways.

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