The Universal Energy Vs Our Energy

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It is a fact that we all have the Universal Powers within us.

We are created out of the very essence of our Universe and so we inherit all its beautiful, sacred and wonderful powers. We just need to activate them to experience the perfect health and wholeness within us.

The result we get in our external world is a reflection of what's going on in our inner world.

We do not inherit disease or ill-health. We are all born of pure spirit.

Our pure spirit and body have been gifted with a power to heal itself which is perhaps its greatest asset.

It's because of this extraordinary healing power of our human body, which helps it to deal with the gravest of injuries helping it to become fit and healthy again.

We need to remember, that whenever there's a disease or a disorder, medicines always play a secondary role.

First and foremost, Healing of the body is a result of its own complex reactions to injuries and sickness, and unless that works, noting else will succeed.

Along with immunity, healing power is the cornerstone of body's defence and longevity.

It is important to think how mankind survived and thrived those millions of years back without any medical help and advice.

Survival of living beings could not have been possible if hey were devoid of this Universal Healing Power.

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