HOPE: Believing in his power

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H- Hold

O- On

P- Pain

E- Ends

Hope is a powerful anti-dote to feelings of despair and desolation. It is an essence of life.

Life is unpredictable, hard and quite notorious at times. Often things seem to go out of hand and beyond our control. Hope not only gives you the strength to overcome the pain but also makes the future journey easier.

It is like an aura around you that protects you from the negatives. A life full of hope is a life full of optimism, regardless of where you find yourself placed at any given time or circumstance. It helps one to overcome or not get affected by the emotions of hurt, sadness and anger.

Hope shapes your method of traversing the current situation.

When you hold on to hope, you begin to understand that every person in this universe / material world is subjected to global and personal experiences of joy and suffering.

Hope is the only one thing that is stronger than fear. It helps you sustain during your hard times and brings more fulfilment to the good times.

Another aspect to hope is that "Hope is also a belief system of sub-consciousness mind. A belief system whose intensity can change your present and future. With this belief system one can make the impossible possible." It gives you the ability to focus single pointedly, to aim and achieve the sole purpose of your life.

"Everything that is done in this world is done by HOPE. We must accept finite disappointment but never loose infinite HOPE." - MARTIN LUTHER

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