Harmonious relation of Music

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There are Seven Energy centres in our body. At these centres, energy flow of our body, becomes denser.

Imbalance in physical body can be detected through imbalance of these Energy centres.

Healing occurs more rapidly when subtle anatomy of these Energy centres is aligned.

Energy centres have vibrations and Sound also has Vibrations. The seven notes of Music are directly related to the Seven Energy centres. So by using the corresponding Harmonic sound, the centres can be balanced.

Hence, when the music is played, the different musical notes of different frequencies produce resonance in the energy centres helping them to get balanced and the corresponding organs connected to each one of them.

Each sound helps in healing organ related to that specific energy centre.

Each energy centre gets energized by the seven musical notations.

I.e.: C, D,E ,F ,G ,A, B

In the same way, there are various emotions related to the Energy centres and the musical notations help to strengthen those positive emotions and eliminate the negative ones.

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