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A man being the creation of God, is born healthy and strong.

The only way in which one can maintain an idealistic life and living is by trying to follow an appropriate diet and regimen which is most balanced and keeps the mind and body in tune with the external environment in which he or she is surviving.

Disorders and ailments set in when body's natural processes are strained and impaired due to physical and moral imbalance.

But as rightly said, Prevention of disease is better than cure.

This statement should be considered of utmost importance and value and should be followed in every person's life to get a disease free and stress free environment.

Now how do we go about following this statement in a practical way.?

For this we need to consider/acknowledge the factors of key importance in our life which actually contributes to our well being and the most important of these key factors are our Diet and Regimen.

DIET includes is the intake of energy in the form of food. It not only gives us the energy to survive but also supplies our body with the nutrients required by it for the normal functioning of all the systems of our body.

REGIMEN are the rules that we set for ourselves which includes


• Our SLEEP patterns

• Exercise and Physical Activity

• Other lifestyle parameters to some extent.

Both DIET AND REGIMEN are equally responsible for maintaining the the internal and external milieu for smooth functioning.

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