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The word Nidhivan is a Sanskrit term which means “Forest of Treasure”. It is an abode of pure Devotion, Peace, Meditation and Serenity. Even today, it is governed by a divine power which takes one to the ultimate level of harmony between body, mind and soul.

Inspired by this holy place, our inner healing therapy is not only holistic but also consists of techniques which are designed to enhance and elevate one’s Inner Consciousness, Inner Strength, Inner Belief, thereby enriching his soul with the real treasure of his truly gifted Inner Being.

As it is rightly said, one needs to stop hunting for treasures outside, rather look within because the real treasure lies within yourself. Hence Our Unique and integrative approach considers the three dimensions of life that is the Body, Mind and Soul and helps you unleash your true treasured potentiality.

Our Logo is filled with symbolic meaning and represents these three aspects of life namely the Body-Mind-Soul with Meditation at its core thereby holding a deep and significant Universal connection.

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N - Natural

I - Integrative &

D - Directed

H - Holistic Therapy

I - Illuminating Inner Consciousness with

V - Vision to

A - Awaken Mindfulness &

N - Nurture Our True Being

Body Mind Soul
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When one part of a person is affected by disease or stress, all the other parts are affected too. Similarly, if you have an imbalance somewhere in your life, this will affect your overall health.

Symptoms of the disease can be compared to the tip to the iceberg. Whereas the cause of those symptoms lies deeper. Unless the cause is addressed holistically, merely targeting the symptoms will only give temporary relief and the issue may recur.

The overall premise of holistic healing therapy is to treat a person as an individual and not just target the disease.

There is no point in treating the symptoms of a person without finding , addressing and eliminating the root cause of the problem. Holistic wellness aims to do this by tapping into all elements of a person's wellbeing.

Holistic techniques are based on the philosophy of healing from within and hence have a positive impact on your overall Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual wellbeing.

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