Why is mindful eating necessary?

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1) Mindful eating helps to remove the urge for emotional eating.

Eating with intentions could be interpreted as Eg- I want to eat the burger tonight because I had a terrible day at work. These are called Emotional eating or eating urges driven by feelings and triggers.

Mindfulness can bring awareness to these appetite precursors and support you in making a habit of eating only when you are hungry.

Mindful eating also creates a time lapse between your urge and your eating thereby making your actions more reactive and you more responsible by giving you more time to revert your urge.

Having positive emotions when you eat is very important for better absorption and digestion of food.

2) Mindful eating helps you to shift out of your autopilot mode.

Sometimes you must have felt that you are in a routine feeding phase of the day. We eat food at specific times even if we are not feeling hungry. With mindful eating, you can help to prevent this kind of mindless autopilot eating. This is the WHY of the mindful eating cycle. If the answer is not because you are genuinely hungry or for some medical reason, then find your own way out of any routine eating between the meals.

3) It requires TLC - ( Tender Loving Care. )

Some tender loving care is usually necessary for mindful eating. Put extra efforts to go to the grocery store. Read labels, Select food well, Buy fresh food and Learn how to cook it.

4) Mindful eating gets you up and moving.

We eat for energy and if its not being used in some way by your actions, this energy is just chilling on the sofa inside us. Mindful eating mind consciously makes decisions of fitness, walks or workouts etc.

5) Portion patrol/ keeping a watch on quantity.

Eating food in terms of quality is more important than eating food in a buffet style, where you feel you have to get your money's worth.. quantity wise.

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