What is mindful eating?

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Mindfulness is simply deliberate awareness of the present moment.

Ask yourself these questions every time you eat something and set your intentions based on your answers

Energy substance on earth contains colour. Even the rays on earth by celestial bodies contain colour in the form of white colour.

• WHY- I eat only to make my body and mind fit and healthy

• WHEN- I eat when I want to cater my physical hunger

• WHAT- I choose to eat nutritious, healthy and hygienic food.

• HOW- I eat food relishing every bite.

• HOW MUCH- I eat food enough to nourish my body and satisfy my hunger. I do not overeat.

• WHERE- I practise regular and meaningful self-care to invest my energy and keep my body fit.

Mindful eating is eating with intention and paying attention all without judgement.

Mindfulness or CONSCIOUS thinking can be practised at any moment of your day during any activity. When applied to your daily eating, it can be your best friend and help you remain physically and emotionally healthy combating any psychological distress.

Also eating with Mindfulness , helps to build healthy habits and make your fuel satisfied with healthy food consumption choices.


So next time when you are given a choice, BE MINDFUL.. !!

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