What is fear?

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There's no illusion greater than fear!!

Fear is nothing pleasant.

In fact it is an unpleasant emotion caused by a threat of Danger, Pain or Harm.

In our daily life, we often undergo stressful situations. There is no avoiding them.

This stress is nothing but the response of our mind and body to our inner fears.

There inner fears could be due to anything like an examination, a job or a responsibility, the family, an encounter with a person or situation one dislikes/ fears etc.

This inner fear becomes strong and the person feels stressed exposing his body to harm.


Stress/ fear activate our brain to further activate adrenal glands to release Adrenalin which is also called as stress hormone. This sudden release of adrenalin causes the blood flow to change the direction towards our muscles.

The gut which is the center of our feelings and the body now fall short of blood supply. Increase in blood supply to the muscles makes us feel energetic.

But adrenalin also shuts down the immune system thereby leaving one susceptible to addition, adrenalin stimulates liver to release more glucose into the blood thereby increasing one's blood glucose levels.

The net result of all this is that a person experiencing fear, becomes prone to infections and improper digestion. The heart rate increases since the muscles are under stress.

Fear is negative and its output is always negative!

We all encounter fear sometimes or the other, but what really matters is how we handle it!

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